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Didaskaleinophobia (School Phobia)

Majkovski Sreten

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:)Hi. I'm from Macedonia and first sorry about my poor english. It is about my female collegue on work [actually her daughter]. Here school season begins at september, 1. Her daughter still didn't attend a whole day at school. Here internet comunication it is not so developed, and i chooze to find something about my collegue problem. After little surfing i only found pages with cures for anxiety problems which offers solutions and wanting money. I think first, if is it possible, online to talk with someone with experience with schoolphobia, and if that someone want to help okay, if that person would'nt still ok.

I'm talking about girl of 10y 7m old who's supposed to go fifth grade. These school season she changes school, [object and different village], she was verry close with the teacher previous four years [here it's only one teacher for first four grades, on fifth grade its different teacher for each subject] and maybe most impotant, her mother start to go to work this summer after long time beeing at home. This girl refuse to go to school, and manifest that with crying, hear pulling, vomiting in school. She wake at 5 o clock and tells to parents that don't want to go school each morning.Parents talk vith school pedagogh, psychologist, social workers without positive changing . Girl wasn't talk much about situation with all professionals. Her mother doesn't know for sure what is the real cause for her daughter behavior. I don't know what to wright more.

That is all for now, in every case i will be verry grateful for any response on this thread.

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Guest ASchwartz


I would advise the mother to have the girl seen by a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of children. That way, she will get a really good evaluation with excellent suggestions for treatments that will work.


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