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Feeling Better :)


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Yes I can't believe it, nor can I explain it but I feel better. Just hope it stays.

Nothing has changed same problems. I just feel I understand what is going on more, understand myself more. I feel for the first time I have options. The feeling of being trapped not having options is what scared me to death.

I just let go of the thought I had to hold on to certain things including certain ways of thinking. When I did it freed me a bit.

I woke up feeling so bad.. like I had no hope.. no life.

Now I feel a bit different :o Not that things will fix themselves but that i can handle it more and have and be more relaxed have a bit of fun through the pain.

Thanks to this forum and the kind people in here. Thank you.

As I said I hope this feeling stays lol. I just feel it is important to tell the good as well as the bad.

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