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No sex drive


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My wife and I have been married for about three years, four months. In that time, we've had sex probably about 20 times. We have not had sex in at least 8 months. I have found many excuses for this:

-The dog scratches at the door and kills the mood.

-I'm too tired from work.

-I'm too drained from jobhunting.

-I'm too depressed.

-I don't feel it right now.

-It's too cold.

-It's too hot.

-We just ate.

-I don't feel well.

Etc. etc.

In truth, I've found myself with absolutely no sex drive. It started before I was on meds and, while I'm sure my meds don't help, it hasn't gotten much worse.

I have not initiated sex since we got married. On the other hand, my wife has tried to get me to have sex on numerous occasions. I feel like I'm being unfair to her but I don't know what I can do about it.

As I mentioned in another thread, I have never had an orgasm during intercourse. Also, I may be suffering from phimosis, but I cannot bring myself to talk to a doctor about that. If I am suffering from phimosis, I have had it my whole sexual life and it could be a physical reason why I cannot climax.

She deserves better than this.

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Guest ASchwartz


What is phimosis, I am not familiar.

It must feel awful to never have an orgasm and so little sex. Also, depression and anxiety can have a lot to do with it as well.

Why are you reluctant to see the doc about phimosis?


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Thanks, Wikipedia: Phimosis (fī-mō'sĭs, fĭ-), from the Greek phimos (φῑμός ("muzzle")), is a condition where, in men, the male foreskin cannot be fully retracted from the head of the penis.

I have trouble talking to doctors about anything, let alone something like this.

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