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Yesterday My Son asked me about what I would Like to See & Where I would like to Live.

Having grew up Near The Ocean; I would still Love to live by The Sea.

As far as Places to See. I have Always wanted to Visit Ireland, New Zealand, Tahiti, So Many other Things & Places I would just Love to see.

The one Place Both my Son & I agreed upon was The Pyramids In Egypt; Cairo, Nile River, Valley of The Kings. We are fascinated by that.

I hope I get Some responces here from Any of you here that read this. I am interested on where & what others would Like to Live & things to see?

Thank You for Your Time & Interest.

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It may sound a silly to you and I feel a little embarrassed saying this but I'd love to go to any lovely place in this world where I can see snowfall. It doesn't snow in this part of the world. Its my ardent desire to see snow flakes falling. I'd always thought I'd go to Switzerland or some place in the US where it snows along with my husband but now that wish wont come true as I got divorced. :(

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Nor silly to me at all. I have been fortunate enough to grow up in California. Where we have a variety of Geographical Elevations & Climates. The Ocean, Mountains, The Desert you name it. I now live in an Area where it does Snow; we just had a pretty big Storm a little over a week ago. I Love it when it Snows!!!

Being Divorced Myself I also understand where part of your Hopes & Dreams Dissapeared due to this. However I believe one way or another you will still get your wish.

Thank You so much for your Reply. It interest & Fascinates me when People Mention where & what they would like to Live & See.

I hope to get many other Responces; Thank You Again. The Best To You!!!

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Thanx for Reply Linda;

Ya many Times the Stoms that Start out here in the West Coast Move to the East. The Bonfires & Ice Skating sounds so Cool.

Out here where I grew up by the Ocean we had Bonfires & especially as teenagers we had many Parties. It was great!!!

Australia & Hawaii would be very cool places to see; I agree. I have a Few Hawaiian Friends & have had the Pleasure to get to know a few Australian "Mates" on another Site im on. Very Nice People in both Locations!!

I hope you go Ice Skating!!! & See the Places of your Dreams. Thanx for your Reply Dear Linda!!!

Sincerely; Jim

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This may sound silly and I've not admitted this to anyone but one of the reasons I left my really well paying corporate job is because I had a lot of travel on my job which I absolutely loved. I had promised my husband that whenever I have work related travel, we'd go on those together and have our little holiday along with my work. Since he is a surgeon working as consultant he could always work around his surgeries, we had mutually agreed to this when I got the job. Later when we started having too many problems, I would travel alone and would cry each time the flight took off or landed remembering the promise. I had to quit my job to get over all this anguish. And now we are no longer together...

I feel hurt and cheated that he never told me about his addictions... I just cant get over all this.. I'm not even sure how to get over all this.

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If this was a Trigger I am Sorry. But it is OK to Let It Out. That in itself is a Beginning!!!

I have seen many People on this Site who have Sayings or Quotes that Help get them through their Day.

Here is One Of Mine. "E.G.B.O.K." and it means; "Everything's Gonna Be OK". Heard it first on a Radio Station Years back.

Memories Can & Do Hurt. But Hopefully We Can All Hold On & With Hope, Love & Understanding; Create & Experience More as We Continue Our Own Personal Journey's.

The Best To You. Sincerely; Jim

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Your thread made me think .... In recent years I've though that where I am is where I want to be. Perhaps because I am in Canada, a good place to live overall, and 4 very distinct seasons that make life change every 3-4 months. I feel I have the best of all world really... :) Today it is snowing lightly and everything looks very white and pristine...

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Symora; Thank You for your Responce. So nice to hear about the Four Seasons. But isnt there still Anything or Anyplace you Have always wanted to see? That you have'nt yet?

Sensitive; For me Corvette is an American Sports Car. Car that has been around since the 50's; A Real Classic!!!

Thanx Again for your Continued Reply's Everyone!!!

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Hey guys...I would like to come to the party, I could really use it. I did get a 2 hour break today it was soooo good hated to come back. It is raining, a steady warm rain, I just stood out in it and let it wash over me with the breeze it felt sooo good.

Hey corvette Jim, I live near the ocean in oregon, we have dunes too, spent my teenage years like you bonfires and four wheeling, sand boarding to. Now I ride my horse out there anychance I get.

Im the oddball here Jim, I have a 1984 Alpha Romeo Spider, definately not an american. But I love to take the top down on a warm day and just drive.

What should I bring to the party.


P.S. corvette Jim, I love your outlook on life regarding hope, that in itself gives me hope to.

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Perhaps for me it's more about the home than the place. I've travelled a lot, on 4 continents, and frankly I have never been to a place that called me to go live there. I've liked some places, but I prefer where I am because of the size of the city mostly, government town with little industry so the air is clean and the wilderness is less than an hour away. The only other place I thought I might to live is Vancouver, BC because of the proximity to wilderness but also the sea right there to explore... the weather is also more temperate than it is on the east coast...

The house I would like though, now that is something I can articulate much better :).... fireplace, large open concept rooms with lots of light and atmosphere. Beautiful stone and wood floors, light and bright colour throughout....Nature nearby, with all the animals that come with it, clear air, and a view of water would be ideal. I don't want to be out in the bush though because then I would get lonely, so perhaps a village along a river. We actually have a larger river that goes through here, but properties along the river are so expensive!!! Anyway, that is my personal dream... I guess I'm more of nest builder :-)

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I say anyone who wants to Join this Party!!! Let the Partying Begin!!!

To all of you Thank You Again for Your Responces & Compliments; Means A Lot.

I will Continue to Stoke The BonFire!!! Shannon I never Had A Vette unfortunatly; But a Few Yrs. Back I had A Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS with Sunroof. As I went through my MidLife Crisis. While I was working & Alone in Another State.

To make a long Story short On That Subject I Totalled it going 90mph+. Fortunate to be ALIVE. My Own Fault.

What would you Like to Bring To This Party? Your Choice!!! I Love Horses; Used to Ride them up Beach Blvd. & Tie them up at Knotts Berry Farm in the 1960's. Bring your Horses!!!

Linda, Shannon Both of you & Others Continue to Give Me Hope Also!!!

Thank You & PARTY ON!!!

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Mustang Linda; Ride Linda Ride!!!

My Twin Daughter Has A Mustang; She always wanted one. She Loves it.

Did you read my Post about Temple Grandon ( Autistic Woman) & recent Movie about her, her Successes, Invention's & Going through "Doors" as a way to defeat her Obsticles & Anxieties?

My Mitsubishi Eclipse was Pearl White; I Loved Everything About it!! I have no Doubt you will get your Dream Car.

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