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I can't make friends

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This is a good place to make new friends because you'll find someone who's going through the same thing you are and wont have to worry. I'm kinda in the same situation you're in i can make friends but the problem is keeping them. Because of my depression and insecurities I somehow end up pushing them away. I think its unintentional self sabatoge. I've been therapy four years now and i must be doing alot wrong. i do so much for people and either get taken for granted or dont get the same in return.

My point is that I decided to look for support groups in my areas and I hope I can go to some next week. you could go to http://www.dbsalliance.org/site/PageServer?pagename=home or http://www.nami.org/ to see if they have any in your area. Start there and see what happens I am also looking for hobbies that will give me a chance to meet people:) I hope this helps. :)

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