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I dont like how i feel today. I dont like how ive been feeling lately. This depression is really taking alot out of me esepcially when im not in the mood do the things i love like reading. All week long ive been struggling to keep up with my school work and it finally gets done at the last minute. Friday i had such a horrible day that i felt like having a nervous breakdown.

Now today i feel like going to bed. Its 5:22 and im tired. I guess i shiould be proud of myself in a way because my homework is done but i dont feel like that.

Today i received some good news I found out that if i keep my grades up which i have been ill be graduating november of this year. Although my classes are online, i get the option of wearing a cap and gown. I was so excited and thought it was cool. But then an hour later I got depressed again

now I want to just lay in bed although dishes need to be done and books neeed to be read. Im not motivated to do either of these things. Then i think would they miss me if i go? I started to have some really bad thoughts and it scares me especially when i was thinking how i cant give up but i feel like it.

I dont know what to do anymore. I hate feeling like this. For once in my life id like to be happy but im not. I dont know what the point of this post is. dont know what the point of anything is. I guess i just needed to get that off my chest and hope to have support or someone to listen to me without judging me....

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I'm sorry your so depressed I was feeling that way not to long ago quite frankly. Do you see a therapist perhaps it would help. No matter how low you get their are things to be thankful, and hopeful for as long as you keep trying because that's all we can sometimes do is try.

I wish you all the luck with your school work, I am all to familiar with how overwhelming the work load can be at times. I hope you have a better day today :)

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