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Very Touchy, Stress Overload


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I'm feeling very stressed out today. This morning I was making grilled sandwiches for my parents and the grill was on and dad didnt realise it and kept the cookies container very close to it. I was worried he might touch the hot grill so I screamed saying its hot and he might burn himself. He lost his temper and told me I need to behave myself and that he isn't senseless. Although I told him that I screamed to warn him because I was concerned about him getting burned he just lost his temper and shouted at me. I'm very very upset. I didnt have food today and I'm so pissed with everything and life in general.

I noticed that I'm too touchy these days and just cant get over anyone saying anything rude or mean to me. I have been recently divorced and out of an abusive relationship. I have been living with my parents since about a year and they have been emotionally very supportive. But I just cant take any kind of stress or negative energy at all from anyone. I sulk for hours, days and just cant seem to get over anything. I keep repeating the entire incident in my mind (which led to the divorce) and I cant seem to erase it out of my mind. The thoughts keep coming and I get exhausted. I am sooooooo tired of life really. I dont know what to do. Life is getting very very tough to live with each passing day. How can I deal with all this? I was always a happy chirpy person but now I am just the opposite. I am drained of all energy and really really depressed.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Sensitive-Woman,

We've all experienced what you are feeling when stressed and depressed. I'm assuming that, after your father yelled at you, you felt guilty for yelling at him. Then, you started to obsess over the incident, repeatedly reviewing what happened because of anxiety and stress. I know it well because its happened to me.

One good way to handle this is to ge some good exercise. Yoga has been found to be very very helpful for emotions. You don't need to learn all the positions. Just a few can really help. Look up Webmd for an article about this and some of the positions that help.

Also, try to tell yourself not to jump in your thinking from the anger to thinking like, "I'm so depressed and stressed I can't take any more." Just tell yourself that it was just one thing and, otherwise, I'm fine."

Also, do a meditation in which you picture a lovely place you love to be and run it through your mind, with all the wonderful sounds, odors and feelings of that perfectly wonderful place.

What do you think?


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Hi Dr. Schwartz,

Thanks for your reply. No, I'm not feeling guilty but I'm feeling very angry with him for not being understanding. He knows I've gone through hell in my marriage and recently divorced but he seems insensitive and moves with life as though everything is perfectly fine.

My mom too seems very happy and carefree. Sometimes she tells me that I should find someone and get married soon. This irritates the hell out of me. I got divorced less than a month ago. I am totally averse to anything related to men and marriage.

Thanks for the suggestion to do yoga. I do know yoga and learn't it but am somehow not motivated to do it by myself. I shall try and force myself to practice yoga. If not, I'll see if I can join a yoga class.

Is it okay to take Restyl (Alprazolam 0.25 mg) tablet each time Im low? I took it twice before and felt very good.

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