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I think I have an addiction...


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Okay, guys...I'm crying pretty hard right now, so if I leave something out, it's 'cause I don't really have a clear mind...

I'm scared that I might've had an addiction to sex for the past year or so without even realizing it. Yeah, it's crossed my mind that maybe I do, but I discredited that thought after researching it a little bit. I don't really remember what I read, but I just felt like that wasn't what was happening...

I've had some pretty serious depression in the past year and it goes away sometimes, but it come back pretty hard. I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend tonight because she didn't want to have sex anymore and that really hurt. Then, it hurt even worse when I thought about it hurting me. I felt like I was the stereotypical guy that everyone hates - Someone who uses girls for sex. I truely hope that I never did that to my baby...The problem is, she's gone now and I broke up with her because of her not wanting to have sex.

The more I thought about it, the more it concerns me. I started wondering why we did it, or more importantly, why I did it. I began to realize that even if I didn't have a want for it, I would force myself to have sex because it made me feel better about myself, if only for a short time.

I really have no idea what to think. I have no one to talk to because I'm so ashamed that this happened. My biggest fear is someone telling me that I'm a bad person for this...I miss my girlfriend terribly, but I couldn't ask her to take me back after this. I need help! I can't allow myself to hurt anyone else!

P.S. - If it makes any difference, we'd been sexually active for a year...Please, guys...Don't judge me. ='(

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Ilovemusic,

Sex is a powerful drive, probably the most powerful. And, yes, it has good psychological effects, besides feeling good. It helps to feel closer to the lover and relieves stress and helps promote good health: physically and mentally. I have no idea why your girlfriend broke up with you but, if it had to with too much sex then she is not right for you. Its important that everyone is matched with a partner who has a similar sex drive.

Its hard to break up because its a loss, feels like rejection and it hurts. You need to go through a mourning period and you will gradually feel better.

I hope this helps.


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