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Constantly worry


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I've felt this way for quite a long time and while it is a rather painful problem there are some strategies to cope. You have to look at your actions more carefully, what is it that you worry about? Have you ever "failed" at doing these things, and if so what was the worst that could happen? It's possible you're just imagining a great big black threat that is actually not that bad. Or are there simple tasks and situations that you can handle quite easily? In that case you might be worrying for nothing.

The best way I have found to mitigate this feeling is to ask people that are in the same situation as oneself how they feel. Usually when I find myself in a tight spot I feel like a complete meathead, because I just immediately assume that I suck and everyone else could do what I just did a whole lot better without breaking a sweat. But almost always when I confront reality it turns out that other people are just as nervous as me. I think you could call it a "reality check", where you offset your internal worrying by comparing your interpretation of reality to how others perceive things.

We are always our harshest judges in these matters unfortunately and I know all too well how you feel :(. There have been times when I didn't even want to go out the door because I worried so much and even though I'm still a bit of a Klutz and do mistakes I try to remember that other people don't think as bad of me as I do when I do something stupid.

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