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was I in the wrong?


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My brother found a puppy a couple of weeks ago. She was wet, cold, stinky , and matted. He gave her to me. I had cleaned her up, been feeding her real healthy too.

Problem is I was in a community for this type of breed. Most people said to try and find her owners... I did , to no advail. I decided to keep her as a service dog. That was not the problem. The people in that community gave me a lot of crap about it. Telling me notto keep her , and she was not mine to keep . This poor pup had no ID , tags anything. She also had the sniffles, like a cold.

WEll these people know the city I am from and state and threatend to call animal services in my county and city. I got mad , and wrote how i felt. Nobody seemed to care of the condition she was found in. Only that she she was found... I called her a rescue . Because if it was not for my brother finding her , she would of probably died of exposure.

I got banned there, because I said a few choice words. But, I asked them to remove me as a member after being one for nearly 3 years and even donated money to them.

Of course I would not of wanted to keep her if I knew the owners or the owners were looking for her. I feel like i was thrown under the bus.

Still shaking a bit from the experience , too many haters in that community.

I think of myself as a nice person. But was pushed ovre the edge by those people. Yes , I have to realize it was an online community. But somehow I feel really bad for trying to do the right thing. This pup is only around 5 months old. Nobody claimed her .

My dogs are my life. It is me and my disabled child only here, and it is a small town that we live in. There are so many dogs and cats roaming around the streets all the time. A lot of them end up getting caught by the dog catcher. And the shelter only holds them for so long before they are destroyed.

I am ususally a calm person, however I know I lost my temper . I liked that dog community , but this was too much to take, and I let loose. I guess I felt like it was a threat to me , when one wrote down the shelter phone numbers in my area. Acting like i stole her or just took her. That was not the case.

Geez, it has been 2 weeks already . NO word on a lost pup anywhere .

So am I in the wrong? :) for wanting to keep her and provide for her lots of love and attention? Including vet care .. :confused:

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Thank you guys. I was so angry with the responses I got in that online community that it pushed me over the edge. I understood that most , if not all of them told me to look for the owner... ANd I had. it seemed not to matter that the pup was in horrible condition. All this community cared about was finding the owner.. No owner claimed her.

She is a yorkie.. Thats why. I have one already and a shih tzu. These dogs can be very expensive, I realise that. However, if it were a different beed , I still would of taken her in . My brother would of kept her, but he already has too many dogs.

This pup was running downtown in the street. It is very cold , foggy here. Her condition was really bad.

I probably will not ever return to that community again. Somebody even went so far as to post the number of our local animal shelter , and the county I live in animal shelter. Holly crap, they want to see the dog put to sleep ? These are suppose to be true dog lovers.

Oh well, I have calmed down. I do not think my screename and the small town I live in is going to do them much good trying to track me down.

In my heart i know i have done the right thing for this puppy. I just do not like to be threatend, and that is what happened.

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Hi mscat, I just read your post, I don't think you are in the wrong at all, after all you said you had tried to locate the owners.

I know these kind of dogs can be expensive, but what your community seems to fail to understand is that the strange things that happens to animals in this economy, no matter the breeding, people are just letting them go. I am in the horse world, there are so many fine and expensive horses that are starving and are given away for free. And Im talking about well bred top of their line horses. We have even had cases where horses were turned loose to try to make it on their own.

I say this pup is lucky that your son found her, so that you could get her back to good health.


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