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Anxiety in Relationships


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Hello all--

I'm new!

I'm hoping to get some advice on how to manage anxiety in relationships.

Specifically, I would appreciate tips or coping strategies that some of you may have found successful. I am trying to find a way to minimize my attacking my partner -- I need to figure out some way to separate myself from an anxiety-induced conversation that is becoming hurtful. It's exhausting to spend an entire day hurt and discussing one conversation that really meant nothing. I want some way to recognize and avoid it before it consumes everything.

Notes on me: I have GAD, and it's triggered by school related stress and perpetuated by everything. I have made tremendous strides in the past year, and am really proud of myself for what I have been able to accomplish.

I have an incredible partner who is really supportive -- we recently became engaged. We are trying to negotiate the best ways that she can help me manage my anxiety; she has been very helpful, but recently I have found it is getting easier to get dragged (me dragging her) into long, drawn out arguments about nothing. This is exhausting and hurting both of us. I've never had someone so actively involved in helping me manage my anxiety, and am not sure what I/we can do to avoid these types of conversations. It's also not exactly helpful that this is currently a long distance relationship.

Do any of you have advice? I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Student/GAD,

First, a clarification" what is a GAD unless you mean a GED?

I don't know but people become easily angered and react negatively to their loved ones when they feel depressed. Depression almost always goes along with anxiety.

Are you feeling depressed in addition to anxious? What is happening in your life to make you so easily angry? Does the engagement scare you? Please see if you can tell us more.

One more thing: would you consider psychotherapy for yourself?


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