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Having hard time!!!


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Haven't been on for a while....was doing well on celexa. My husband has bee going through some weird phase...neglecting me...not seeing each other much...very lonely...tired...working too much....wanting attention from other men, but don't want to cheat...trouble eating.....I don't know what to do..want to hurt myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friends can't help me..have enough problems of their own :confused:

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Jess, I am so sorry you are feeling this way. You sound like you are feeling very alone right now...your not. I know the feeling, just recently went through a rough patch that is somewhat like this. I understand not wanting to accept help from your friends cause they all have their own lives..I do the same thing. I guess thats how I ended up here.

have you checked in with your doc about the meds, could be that they may need to be adjusted.

I am sure your husbands "phase" isn't helping either. Do you guys talk about this at all, or are you just trying to ride it through.

We are here, I wish I could offer more words of wisdom here.

Keep posting, see if we can get through this feeling and out the otherside.

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I kinda know how you feel. I know what its like to feel alone and depressed and want to hurt yourself. I go those this every day and it sucks. For me it's a real crappy feeling especially when you have no where to turn.

Are you seeing a therapist? if you are maybe you can increase your visits twice a week or so. I did that for a while because i felt like everything was too much for me, sure it meant more of a hassle but at least the more you talk the easier itll get.

we're here for you. Youre not alone. :)

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