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My Poems I've written(MY Poems, not yours) Comment on them if you want.


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The Devils Own

Deed after Deed,

Crime after Crime,

Evil after Evil,

Does the devil know me?

Soul is black,

Emotions... are gone,

What is feeling,

Do you remember me?

It asks me,

Do evil for me,

You will benefit,

Are you asking me?

A rotten apple,

will never become,


Who is the rotten apple?

I am scared,

am I the demon,

or are you,

What are you?

A prisoner,

of my own hell,


Why am I a danger?

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Who am I

Who am I,

Who are you,

I wish I knew the answers,

I do not know any answers,

Where is my true calling,

Still hidden it would seem,

Or is there not a calling,

I do not know,

I scream inside loudly,

I beg for attention,

In which I fail,

So I die inside

I work hard,

So hard to the limits,

And yet,

I am still useless,

What am I to do,

If only I knew,

My life,

Would be closer,

Closer to what,

That is for you to answer,

I tire of this,

Your turn

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A World So Cold,

Begins with Pain,

Created by Hate,


Is considered Normal,

What type of World is this,

Where life,

is Underrated,

Who am I,

To judge,

Who are you,

To question the Cycle - of - Life,

Cycle of Life,


Life itself,


Only understood,

By the Shadows,

By the Unknown,

By the Alone,

Tell me,

What type of world is This?

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I feel the Force

I feel the force,

Of a Million,

Urging me,

To enable a Voice,

A voice unknown,

To the fair,

Yet known,

By the Shadow,

This shadow,


Million of a Force,

One who urges,

Can I ever Resist,

Resist this Force,

The urges,

The Temptations,

So hard,

The fight is long,

The fight shines down on me,

Will I last...

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