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Am I oversensitive?


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Ok, my husband and me hasnt started a life together yet as we are in different countries. Ok, we have had ups and downs, have had annoying discussions with each other which has left us both insecure on the other I guess.

Today he thought I might fool him saying I will use my pills and not do so as to get pregnant. I would never do that as we have agreed to wait one year before having baby.

He said "because that would be hooooorrriibbble, if I got pregnant without us both being agree.

I am oversentive? because I felt little hurt by his choice of word and how he expressed it.

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I feel hurt because I feel he might have changed his mind wanting to have a family with me. I only think so.

My first husband didnt want my children. He said they could be mentally sick like my mother. So he came home from work one day saying suddenly "he" had planned to adopt.

I am glad I dont have children with him, because I didnt really love him, but what he said about my mother was bad. That time my true feelings were very supressed, so I didnt got so hurt.

If someone said this to me today (and I love my husband) I would be very wounded and I would leave that person immediately.

I also feel that he didnt have to say it the way he did, he said it very bad and made me feel he said it like it would be a disaster if I "ever" got pregnant with him.

Like his life would be ruin because he thinks I am crazy maybe.

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