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New Job dilema..


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Hey all.. I figured post here rather than doin it on the lounge

I got a job offer today. FT @ a Baby Store ..

I took the job bcuz I need the money and my unemployment isnt enough:rolleyes:..

I havent even started the job yet (starts on Thurs) and I'm already stressing out.

I dont want to do retail again. I never have liked it.. not unless it was a store

I knew or for Make-Up.

I shouldnt be picky at all.

IDK what to do tho?.. :(

I took it cuz like i said i need scrill but not jumping for joy.

I need suggestions please or advice..

I DO have 1 more interview lined up for Weds...:)

Should I jus give up the job for someone that actually mite enjoy working there? I know all jobs arent perfect but idk..

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Cali1love,

In my opinion, take the job. The job market is so bad that you are lucky to be offered a job. I know so many who have lost jobs and cannot find work. I know this is not what you want to do but you do not have to make this a life time commitment. When the economy and job marked improve, and it will, you can look for and find what you prefer. Just keep telling yourself that this is temporary.

What do others think??


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Personally I would take the job but keep shopping around for something more in tune with your desired career direction. Go to the interview on Weds and see how it turns out. Not only does already having an offer make you look more attractive to employer #2, but you can also take some of the pressure off by knowing that if this doesn't work out you have the other one to fall back on.

Besides, you never know how long the baby store position will even last and it's not what you want to do long term anyway. For these reasons it's best to take what will pay the bills short term but keep on looking for something more suited to you in the long term.

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I decided not to take the job.. and some might think it was a dumb move BUT I felt relief after I hung up with her.

I didnt see myself working there and I dont think its fair for me or them to go thru that xtensive training and then quit when I find something better... that would have been a waste of time for me and them..

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