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Stand up!


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I needed a reminder to myself so thought I would start a thread on the topic.

Stand up...for yourself

Stand up...for what you believe in

Stand up...and be heard

Stand up...tall, especially when you don't feel like it

Stand up...but if you can't, then go lie down - you probably need a rest

Stand up...and stretch after 10 minutes at the computer!

The first three are reminding myself how I want to live life. The last three are about avoiding or getting rid of chronic back pain. That last one is probably REALLY important if you are on this site - go do it. Now (and I will do the same:))

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Can I add one?

Stand up ... and dance!

I'm particularly fond of what I call the "happy butt" dance, but any kind will do. Just get up and spend at least, say, 30 seconds just shaking stuff.

It's remarkably hard to sit down again, unhappy. :-)

I use it as a way to shake myself out of a negative train of thought. I know it's pretty similar to your "stand up and stretch", but for me, I need the psychological change of scenery as much as I need the physical one.

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Absolutely - add to the list whenever you want. I like yours. Now that I've had my stretch, I was going to add:

Stand up...and pet your cat (which I ended up doing after the stretch)

Stand up...and hug your kids (which I'm looking forward to doing when I get

them back this Wednesday - just found out:))

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