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i am trying to keep myself from going back to the deep black hole i have been before

sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can pick yourself back up

i have appreciated the feedbacks i have been getting i definitely know everybody has been through issues and mind and physical events that will be there for the rest of our lives

but i honestly don't know if i can do it this time

i have tried just listening to music watching t.v. but because i am also moving almost everthing is packed up i am the type that will do anything around the house just to try to keep busy between Doctor appointments for my daughter & trying to deal with my moms lawyers on trying to get her in a better nursing home the only out for me is here i am the type that can't look at people and say or try to say how i feel but i am trying the best way i can please forgive me if it dosen't make sense i am trying

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