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really want to do something to relieve the pressure


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It's easy to hear the anxiety in your voice.

I tend to distinguish between thinking about possible problems, and worrying about them. A certain period of calm thinking might help you plan a response to something that might possibly happen. When it turns into worrying, though, it's no longer productive. We tend to follow very low-probability "what-if" branches; thoughts swirl; no productive plan gets formulated.

What can you do instead? You can try to relax. Whatever you can dream up happening, you'll meet it better if you're relaxed and thinking clearly.

So, how do you relax? You could start with a peaceful visual image. Look outside at the trees, find a peaceful image online, or visit a place in your memory where you felt peaceful and calm. Consciously slow your breathing. Concentrate of feeling the air streaming in and filling your lungs. Let it back out again as slowly as you can. Then breathe in again. Try to empty your mind and focus on the peaceful scene and your breath.

I guarantee that with all the bad things you can imagine happening, you still have time to breathe. And hey, it's something you can control.

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Each step you take to help yourself helps the baby.

And I think you need to balance the possibility of the baby feeling the effects of your anti-anxiety medication (it doesn't always happen) with the fact that we know she's feeling the effects of your anxiety. If the doctors think it's okay, it's at least something to consider.

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Yeah I guess I may re consider if i carry on like this I have no choice but to re consider. It is so frustrating as ocd ruined my last pregnancy and I lost the plot just after which was when i was diagnosed officially. In fact i was not going to have any more children because the OCD in pregnancy is so much worse for me and I dont want anything to ruin this happy time this time but it has i guess if I dont get suicidal after the birth that is a plus. And i dont want to ruin it for my partner; but i cannot shift these thoughts. Just wish I could win loads of money and run away with my children

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Believe me, you'd worry about how to spend it. ;-)

One lesson I had to learn over and over is that wherever you go, there you are. {Terry Pratchett said it first.} You can't actually run away from yourself.

In what way was your previous pregnancy "ruined"? The anxiety and obsessive thoughts must be very painful. Perhaps this one will be better, if you allow yourself to be treated? {I like to give obsessive people "what ifs" that are positive.} :-)

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