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I feel F**KING angry.

I feel like running as fast as I can away from everything and everyone. But then i cant run away from my mind or my feelings so that wont help.

I want to go somewhere and scream as loud as I can will that help no because I will still feel the same.

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Im angry with myself for feeling this way again after last time I promised mysef I would never let myself feel this way again.

Im angry with myself for pushing people away and getting things so wrong.

Im angry with myself for nearly losing everything again.

Im angry with people for not listening.

Im feeling so sad and down at the moment just dont know who or where to turn to

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Hard to block how you feel, though, you can only really control what you do with what you feel. I sure understand people not listening!

Something strikes me. You're in a depression, but anger is more common in dysphoric mania. Could you be switching?

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