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I've been feeling overwhelmed for the last few weeks but I have been trying to keep busy and distracted with my school work so that I won't think about it. But I am finding that the more days that go by the more I feel numb to everything. I feel like I am forcing myself to smile and be happy when i'm really not. I have started to just trudge through my days hoping for it to be over soon. I have no one to talk to that can help me. Today I reached some breaking point in all of this and I just burst out crying. One minute I'm happily watching a movie, and then the next I'm feeling tears run down my face and I want to kill myself. I'm locked up in my room right now afraid to go out because I'm scared I might do something to myself like try walking into a car again.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Demeter,

Are you in psychotherapy? If not you need to start now. Also, you may need anti depressant medication at least until you feel better.

Do you know what issues have set off your depression?


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I am not currently in any type of therapy or taking any medications. I know I could probably use anti depressants or something but I do not have any insurance or the kind of money necessary to even see a therapist.

As for the issues that have been setting off my depression, I couldn't quite say. I guess it is a number of things lately. Family, friends, school, etc. I'm starting to loose my will to keep going these days.

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