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Permant impotence - What now?


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First of all, I have tried to make this description as understandable as possible without being to detailed/picturing.

These facts will probably seem enormously ironic, if you have read my previous posts.

It isn't a funny situation to have ended up in though; I can assure you that.

Due to my low self confidence I used to be ashamed of ever showing my curved erect penis. I was too shy to visit a doctor to get his thoughts on this, so I found this method, which assumably enabled one to straighten a curved penis, and I thought "What the hell - This is harmless". Without considering it thoroughly, I tried the method. I didn't notice any injuries the first few times, so I continued. This was maybe the fifth time; a night while I was erect, I felt a sudden numbness. The numbness i now gone, but ever since I have been unable to function as earlier, so to speak.

I don't know how the thing is going to react, if I am to be with a girl, but I just know what I'm capable of by my one versus prior to the injury. :)

Bottom line is, that I'm now suffering from severe impotence. A specialist I have visited have concluded, that nothing can ever be done to make my situation any better.

Now I know how important that one body part was, even though I (as described in earlier posts) was somewhat afraid of people noticing a bump in my pants and similar.

I was quite depressed at the time prior to this injury, but back then, I at least had a little hope, that I could reverse my depression. Now I'm stuck with something chronic.

I'm thinking a lot about my future. I'm still in the beginning of my 20's. I have never had a girl friend and I'm frankly speaking too shy to get to meet one. Now it's like my progressive low self confidence as well as my penis problems give me an excuse to not get in contact with one - Even though; There is nothing I rather want to, than to have someone to be with.

I am seeing a psychologist, which prior to the injury actually improved my situation quite well; I was making progress. Now speaking to a psychologist doesn't even seem to help me.

I, inexperienced as I am, have no idea, about what it is like to have a partner. As my psychologist mentioned, my pictures of this might even be quite distorted - So generelly I'm asking; would any girl ever want to be with a guy, who apart from being impotent, is extremely shy, have low self confidence and a bit of social anxiety.

I know that I'm trying to generalize, but the things mentioned do in fact seem general to me.

Everything just seem so blue at the moment, and frankly I'm deeply graved in self pity.

I would like to hear your oppions on the diverse aspects of this tragic story.

  • Have anyone else experienced something similar to this?

  • Where do I go now? I can't be arsed to anything but to basicly stare into a wall

  • I know there are females at this forums. I would appreciate, if you could comment on this as well.

Thanks for reading this long post. I felt I had to make it this long, for you to properly understand/empatize my situation. Thanks in advance for any answers as well.

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Thanks for the answers so far.

Without criticizing your proposal - It's not that I'm !totally! unable to get an erection, but it's really difficult. I think I might function quite properly with Viagra or suchlike. The thought of having to take it, is devastating, but the thought of having to get an implant is much more devastating, and that really is a last resort, that I certainly don't want to think about now.

It wasn't that side of the coin, that I came here to discuss really. It was more like the mental state of other guys being impotent as well as womens oppinions on it.

Eventual "treatment" I will let the physicans and performers of alternative treatment look deeper into.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Centillion,

Sorry it took so long to respond. Don't take the slowness as a confirmation of anything. Its just that things can get overwhelming here and we unintentionally cannot always respond quick enough. Not an excuse and I do apologize.

About Viagra, I want to fully assure you that it has vastly helped many men for the simple reason that, getting an erection from using it actually makes lots of men in your situation feel much more self confident. So confident that they are able to stop taking it because they feel so much better.

All of us read too much into taking a medicine because taking it means, in our minds, that we are not man enough, smart enough, etc. Not true. Medicines can help people get over the hurdles and improve so that they no longer need the meds.

What do you think??


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