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How Shall We Close Today?

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Nice topic!!

I'd like to write more, but just now I don't have much time, so mayby later.

We don't have any "ritual" for the end of the sessions (except for a farewell and the hugs now, but...), so every session ends very differently. It's nice that you have this "ritual" ;). So... just try once to ask about the hug :P...

I hope you're already better!


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When my sessions were over, I was usually paying him and making another appointment. He always gave me a "5 minute warning" that time was about up. The therapy room was inside of a larger office, so he would always walk out to the bigger room with me or at least to the office door. I liked this because it gave me a chance to regroup and adjust before having to leave. There were always pleasant and friendly exchanges between us and then I was on my way. My very last session (2nd last session) he did ask if there was anything I'd like to do or say before I left. Other than that, no.

ToBe, maybe your therapist wants to be certain you are in a comfortable place when you leave. You could always ask him.

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