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When I first read some of your post months back I noticed you were very smart. Very attractive trait to have in many ways. You can do anything you want to do. Thing is you have to know what you want in life.

This day in time every field every position has its good points and bad.

You just have to weigh the two and discover what you enjoy doing.

I bet your even smart enough to start your own company with a little guidance if that is what you wish to do.

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I am not sure I understand and hope I did not upset you by mistake.

This day in time nothing is a sure bet, nor is anything 100% secure for most people. Life is fragile. You just have to use the gifts you are given and be proud of them. I really meant what I said I can tell you are very smart. You should be proud of that. Lot of people grow cocky over advantages especially looks and wisdom. Your not, your modest look out and care for others and I like that ;)

..too many mean people that think they are the cat's meow.. too many that have hurt me and people I care for :P

Again I hope I did not upset you by mistake. If so I apologize.

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I would probably try to let this job go by and risk something that would really excite you would hopefully come along. And just apply as late as you can, and if you still get the job. Then you might have a problem.:P But it doesnt sound like the job is quite the interest your really looking for and I think moving for a job that you have serious doubts about being happy with isnt worth it. I think its ok to not be overly ambitious sometimes.;)

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In what you describe here, you sound so much as me... :o Except for... I'm not as smart and don't have such a great sense of humor :). Well, and I'm less anxious.

We had a seminar this week about finding a post-doc position. Quite frustrating; you can imagine (how you have to behave and how you have to be extremely motivated and prepared for "anything"...). My main conclusion was: I should not search for a post-doc position. I'm not motivated and motivation is one of the clues. They say we should do what we really want to do. But I have the same problem as you (with only unimportant differences). I would like to do something I would like and that would not drive me into "depression"/anxiety/suicidality... again. There are only two "activities" which at least sometimes seem that I would like them to do: Writing or teaching (or both). But... I don't have qualification for any of them and don't have money to get it (it's not free). And I don't know if I'd really be able to do it. Teaching can be very hard, I know it. And writing... is not a good perspective - even the most famous journalists or book authors writing about science in our country do it only as a second "job"; it's impossible to get enough money for it here.

I'm sorry I post only negative thoughts...

I think it would be much better for you to go there and try to apply for the post-doc position. If you don't like it, then they will see it - you won't seem motivated enough :( and they don't take unmotivated people! And you'll get the money you need.

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Well, what do I do? Today I apply for science management, claiming that's what I want to do, tomorrow I apply for lab science, claiming that is what I want to do and the day after that I apply for public relations, claiming, that is what I want to do, or what? And when do I read all the stuff that makes it look like I even know what the work is about? I don't like this.

I had the same impression from our seminar about this topic. I'm also confused, annoyed and I don't like it. What are these courses and seminars for??? Maybe we should ask there our questions of this kind (that I quote here) and express our feelings about it - maybe they would help us! :( (No, I don't believe it...) *sigh*

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