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fake is the way forward new me


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This is just my opinion, but, I think it would be a terrible idea to get botox treatments. I hope you dont do something that you might regret. Sometimes you get severe mood swings, right? I know it doesnt always turn out the way people want it to sometimes, and they keep trying to make it alittle better, and end up doing alot of things they didnt want to do. Or it does work the way they want and they sort of get addicted to thinking that will keep makeing them look better. I dont really know to much about it though, but people I think usually look better with their natural self.

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Hi shannon

I love my new hair I had it coloured black as well. I had my nails done 8 hours yesterday spent on me first time in a long time lol.

Hi cantgiveitaway

I think if you only have a few shots of botox it would not hurt. Its when you keep having it done that if looks horrible.

Hope everyone has a nice day

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