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Why am I soo scared/anxious of the "NEW"??


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Hey all..

So I got a new job offer yesterday on the spot and of course this one I DID TAKE!:o

I start on Monday. Receptionist job.

Im so anxious. I KNOW everyone says its normal..

BUT I FEEL like IM REALLY anxious.. more than the "normal" person..:):confused:

I want a job more than ever then I get it .. baaam! it hits me and i get so scared. I get scared that imma mest up, and imma get yelled at??

I really want something ... in this case a job, i get it and I feel like i dont want it anymore..




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Heyas Cali,

I getcha about the nervousness. Every time I have started a new job I have felt a lot like what you are describing here. It's stressful because you are entering into the unknown - a new environment, a new routine in your life, etc... I think I used to feel like that about the first day of school every year too. You keep hoping everything will go smooth and the place will be a good fit for you and you for them. There is always uncertainty tho, it can shake your self-confidence. Sometimes the nervousness makes us question if we have made the right decision. Perhaps you're not even concentrating on anything in particular, it's just that nervousness that tends to accompany things like this.

For me, I think what helps me out is to talk with someone. It's easier than sitting around letting everything swirl around in my head all alone. I would tell you try to distract yourself but if you're anything like me that has a slim chance of working. So if you can just share some time with someone you can talk to and maybe laugh about things with. The stress probably isn't going to disappear but it might make it just a little easier to get through it for now.

Congrats on the job and I am sure things are gonna work out just fine for you. You'll get through that first day and then things should calm down.

- Kaskade -

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I find that I feel most anxious when I have created the tension out of nothing. That is to say, I have thought about it a lot. The more I think about something that's coming, the more anxious I become. Therefore, the solution is to "NOT THINK ABOUT IT." There is no real strategy to NOT thinking about something, except forcing your brain into thinking about something else. When I do this, my anxiety subsides.

One personal strategy is to occupy my time with productive activities. HOW productive they are depends on your goals and priorities. Even begin to think about a trival problem in your life, and focus in on how to improve it. Do some exercise, take up a hobby. Any physical activity to get my mind off of this thought that's causing that uneasy feeling. I know this suggestion sounds unhealthy, and that you should "face your problems." However, sometimes, facing your problem is what causes it. And in this case, I suspect I am right.

Hope this helps you out.

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