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had a bad dream

getting there

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I can bear dreams where I'm falling from an elevator or a plane, or escaping some kind of Bruce Willis Die Hard scene, ... but not this one...

I was afraid that my relative molested me in front of my parents and relatives, and even though they saw.... they just stayed there and watched....


............. I'm left with no other words.....


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I have very scary and disturbing dreams so I can sympathise with how you must be feeling. Sometimes, after a particularly strange dream, i'm left wondering, "what the heck was that about?"

Do you feel very much alone in your life? That's kind of what i get from your dream, don't know if i'm right or not, but I want you to know that my thoughts are with you. Take care.

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Hi Endlessnight,

Thanx, well yes you are right. I think your post quotation from Mother Theresa says it all. I would add that its sad to know that some people genuinely care for someone, but the only type of care they know, understand, or have learned is feeding, educating, and a shelter.

What happened to protection, comunication, empathy, care, affect, nurturing?

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