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ey pretty emotional right now.

its alll love. It's all about the love. it is all that matters...we don't even realise this...hell...every possible thing gets in the way of it, yet it is all we are. Love , is all. it makes and it breaks. It inspires and it denies. It makes no sense. shiit. love the love, there is nothing else to do. love the love whereever you find it love it back, its all we are. It makes us. It destroys us. It is us, so be it, love the love. damn....it is so beautiful...love the beauty, love yousslef, love your enemies, love your friends, love your fear, love your hurt, love you lover, love your betrayer, love your hater, love your confidence, love your anxiety, love your mind...even when you feel yourself hating, just love. love the hate. love the people that come to mind. there is nothing better to do.

think im done, thankyou.

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Hi Nathan

I found what you said in your first post very interesting - you certainly seem to grasp the intellectual concept ie loving yourself In reality you struggle with the notion of loving yourself as do so many of us.

This sentence is so fascinating

I am struggling to love myself and the I the person I love is now going to be out of my life.

Is the love of self (strange how you say "and the I") dependent upon the person you love being in your life (ie another person/lover)? Or are you feeling alienated from yourself for some reason and going through a difficult time in loving yourself?


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