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17 and bad anxiety


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Hey as I said I'm 17. I've had anxiety since i don't know like since I was 7. First it was scared to go to the bathroom for some reason, then scared to sleep, then scared to be sick and now it's this. I'm afraid that I am a child molester. Last summer I was chillin at my friends house and I saw his little sister who I've seen before because I used to go to his house a lot and I had a sexual fleeting thought about her. This didn't arouse me I went home and I had a terrible anxiety attack that lasted hours about if I was a child molester or not. I've had a therapist before and I went to him again. The thoughts went away and now they have come back. I have a sister who is about the same age (8) and I'm worried to even be around her. I haven't gone back to that friends house, I stay away from children now (including my little sister) and I'm scared. Most people who post stuff like this say they have masturbated to CP, I've never done that and I think thats just disgusting. I was on 4chan one day and thought i saw a picture of something like that and I haven't gone back to that site once. I'm really really worried I'm a child molester though and it freaks me out....Please help me out with what I should do. And I'm also worried to get on the computer because I'm worried I might see CP just everything is freaking me out. I've read some people have "fantasies" about doing stuff with children..I haven't had those I've had fleeting thoughts that worry me for days and disgust me. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Chillin,

It does not sound to me as though you have a problem with children. Rather, and as you know, your main problem is your anxiety. Do you have panic attacks and phobias? It seems to me that returing to therapy would be a good idea. I think the type of therapy that would help most is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where you would learn how to reduce your anxieties. That might require seeing a different therapist, one who does that type of work. Most important, it seems to me, is that you get back to therapy because it helped before and your old therapist is still a good idea.


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