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Starting new treatment/ maybe

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My therapist has set me up to start edmr the psych s in the same office

i do have hesitations about doing it she says it will help with my ptsd i have read some positive and of course negative comments from other patients she has that it probably take about 4 sessions but honestly i am thinking all of the abuse that i have endured from 12 yrs. And now still feeling it and paying for some of it.

I'm gamed for anything that would get rid of these memories but she has stated with me being bipolar i and my other condtions it wouldn't help of course with it but it coild raise my anxiety level and panic attacks a little bit stronger as i am going through it.

The problem is i haven't set the appointment i am not sure why i just have so much caution signs around me i hope this is normal.

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"EMDR therapy can help clients replace their anxiety and fear with positive images, emotions and thoughts."

That sure sounds like a positive, less intrusive therapy play than interventionistic drugs.

I will always be in support of anything that avoids the known sideffects, and unknown aspects how any individual will react to them, since we are all unique and special, no two alike, as snowflakes. <smile> some are a little flakier than others.

Sorting out the thinking behind the upsetting emotions, rarely seems to get better with 'pain relievers.' Perhaps if that is the source of the problem, that might be where to place the most attention? (I don't pretend to know)

love, hugs, and support bw

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Thanks for being there for me with my issues. Good luck to you with this new therapy. Keep us posted as to how it works out. It sounds pretty good. I know somebody suffering from pretty bad PTSD and I'm definitely going to let him know about this. Thanks for sharing.

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