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Getting very angry


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Just responded to my last thread . I am getting so angry i just want to hit something or someone. How in the ---- am i suppose to stay calm when my daughter could have contaminated meds. In her i have been giving them to her for about 3 wks. Now.

I deserve an answer for this i have to believe somebody is watching out for her but evidently the wrong one1

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Guest SomethingOrOther

Do you know what the meds are contaminated with? It's possible that it's just a harmless mistake and not something serious. But they should be able to explain that to you in more detail. Also, maybe there is some testing they can do to find out if your meds were contaminated or not?

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I wish it was a mistake the injections are called irinotecan hydrochloride injections they have been recalled by pzifer because they found foreign material & non sterility discovered in one lot of irin.

The hospital that found this ---- of a mistake is john hopkins where a patient is now in a coma because of bacteria. I donot yet know what batch is on the list yet. If it is and i hope not my daughter is gonna have to have a complete blood count of every body part we have.

They are trying not to get the patients & their families to panic until they have found the strain of comtamination in the lot no. Of course who in the ---- wouldn't panic

they will be contacting me when all the lot no.s of irin. Is dscovered and in the mean time again wait & wait. I have 2 injections left.

She has no idea what is going on and i hate to say this but i'm glad!

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Thank You... I use to be a strong person now I am just when I have no choice.

I just am at my breaking point. After today I just feel like I'm stuck in reverse & can't move forward It is now 3:22 a.m. here and I am wide awake. I need someone to talk to but who nobody is around now & I really don't know what to do. I'm scared to death because I also have to go to the Dr.s twice this week for me & twice for my daughter plus go sign admission papers for my mother in her new nursing home. That in a way is good because I don't have time to think about anything but what I have to do for them!

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