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He called saying baby and I could hear his voice it was him, same phone number, and after a while he started sounded totally like another person saying he had not slept or eaten, that he didnt know what was going on with him what he did, and apologized twice. He was hyper in the speech,not like ever before. Saying he was so horny now and couldnt wait me coming and talked about his nearly growing erection. He actually sounded drunk, it was so not him, not in behavior or voice after a while, like another person had taken over to help him. Now he wants to talk tomorrow, I said for what he wanted divorce twice, he apologized and said noooo I dont want to divorce you, I cannot divorce you, you are my wife, and then do you know what ( I must say it fast before the money run out) do you want to know what, how horny he was now me coming. And asked me how I am when I said ok to talk with him. I said I am ok, but that I had been very sad, but also very angry because I cannot have it like this, he promises to never treat me like this again.

I know that this "nooo" is typical for my husband to say as he has said this a few times before, so I dont know was it him or not, but maybe.

But his voice was so not him too, he was like drunk sensitive and hyper like nearly, I even asked what was with him, are you drinking or, I heard many people talking. Conversation got cut off as he said earlier in the conversation his money ran out. And then it did. I´m not even sure it was him talking in the end, only in the beginning, but not at the end. His english was like drunk in the end.

I dont know what to believe what this was. He has never touched alcohol before because of his faith and now he sounded drunk. Or he may have gotten another person taking over and may his english abilities were poor when enthusiastic/hyper like.

I am surprised by this. Like if it wasnt him in the end, why would he need another person to talk for him and in that language. Thats so not my husband.

Well, I did read that a controller can get even their own friends to call their spouse/girlfriend to go back to him.

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