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what i might have to do!


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I am now scared to the point of what i am capable of doing & saying to the person who has not destroyed but screwed it up. I have to go to psych. For med. Checkup tomorrow. When i leave there i probably will go this persons house and actually knock on the door. I am so enraged right now! I have so much hatred built up i just want to do something to him.

I know deep down what you all have said it's not my fault with what happened but why can't i hear it? I don't know if it deals with what my daughter is going to have to go through if her lot of irin injections comes back as one that was comtaminated.

What do i do? I usually don't get this angry usually i am so down that i feel at the bottom of the barel now i just am so hyped up being angry i honestly don't know at who or why anymore!

I feel that it will get out of control and all this is going to come to a head tomorrow!

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Guest SomethingOrOther

Hi Leo,

can you maybe do some of the things that worked to calm you down in the past? It must be difficult when you have so strong feelings, but maybe you can try to let them be and accept them. I think it would be good to leave meeting the person for another time, because I don't think he is important enough to spend time on at the moment. But it sounds like you are looking for an outlet for your feelings. I hope you get good new about the meds soon, but if there was a contamination, maybe the doctors would also know how to help your daughter better, now that they are already aware of what the problem is. Did you manage to get some sleep?


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If you are going to do say something, do it, but from a distance. Don't let fear hold you back if someone has deeply hurt you, but don't put yourself in a situation that could lead to violence.

Though if you make threats against someone from a 'distance' (phone/mail) it is recorded. So if you go that route be mindful of exactly what you put. (as a general role don't make threats in general though)

maybe this is bad advice, maybe im just pissed as hell for no apparent reason (i am).

but anyway my two awkward cents

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