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Bipolar III


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I was at one time diagnosed a 'mix of bipolar I and II'

Though personally I think it is just my personality... I have certain hot-button issues that when insulted get me mad/upset easily.

But I have never heard of Bipolar III (I'll wiki it). What does it mean to 'go manic on AD?'

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Yes in DSM terms at present there isnt (as my then shrink explained to me at the time) - but he also explained that this was a loose definition being suggested by some shrinks for the hypo/manic reaction some people have to AD's - in my case Cipralex. Whether this ever becomes DSM-able is moot but what I was interested in was whether other people had had this experience and what their long term diagnosis was eventually.


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I've become both hypo- and manic on ADs (AD is anti-depressant, Darkness) but I'm BP1. Have never been labelled a 3. I am on two ADs but cannot take them without two mood stabilisers. At least, I could, but my pdoc wouldn't be impressed. :)

Some call cyclothymia, BP3. People haven't got their definitions synchronised yet. We might see it in the next DSM?

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