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(trigger) Questions about therapist confidentiality


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I marked this topic as a trigger because it is triggering for me and since I'm blunt as a cue-ball it's probably triggering for others as well. This has been on my mind for a long time but I didn't want to offend anyone by bringing it up. My curiosity is eating a hole in me though, so if this is unacceptable to ask please say so, and I'll delete the text.

Getting to the point, would a therapist have to break confidentiality if a client discloses viewing illegal pornography?

I've noticed a few questions both here and on other sites where people are either worried they might be a pedophile, and/or viewed child porn. The standard advice that I've seen elsewhere is to get help; see a professional. My worry is that therapists may have to report this.

In one sense, CP is evidence of child abuse, so it should be reported. Also some hold that every viewing of a pornographic image re-victimizes the subject, so if the therapist was of this persuasion he may feel ethically bound to notify law enforcement. In another sense, the children victimized could be already grown up (if they survived), and the abuse may have occurred in a foreign country.

The act of writing these words caused me difficult emotions because my heart is filled with sorrow for the children who were abused in the production of CP, but also compassion for those who find it online but would never have ever gone out of their way to acquire CP, nor could they willingly harm a child - yet just having downloaded it in the first place could mean a kick on the door from law enforcement. I wish my tax dollars would be used to fight the uploaders rather than the downloaders.

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I also asked this question a few weeks ago. I'm still a minor, and am wanting to see a psychologist this coming summer for my pedophilia. I don't believe that I would ever harm a child. I just wouldn't be able to live with myself. On the other hand, I do download CP.

Please, someone answer the original poster. I need to know this before I can seek professional help!

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