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I had read somebody's post about Borderline Personality Disorder. I was diagnosed with this alomg with my Bipolar. I do exactly what was said. I have low self-est. but, I can be OK when I have to do things for my daughter or my mom. I don't care what happens to me I definitely have a very hard time saying no. I don't want anybody to not like me well not exactly that but very close. I do not look in peoples faces when it pertains to myself. When it comes to the others I can! My therapist has noticed and trys so hard to get me to but I'm scared to think what she or anybody would see in me.

I know that my personality changes when I am having to do what I have to do. Maybe that's why I am all alone. But then I know I am safe.

Also if I knew if this forum was on webcam I definitely would not be on here! I guess that might be some other people here but you talk like you have more to offer me than I have to offer even though I try that is just how my mind works

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