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I wouldn't say that i'm filthy. I take a shower maybe once every two weeks. I sweat more then normal, but my wife says that i don't smell. As a kid and a teenager, i would take showers regularly and i'm not afraid of water. I don't think it's depression, I generally have a positive attitude and always feel in a good mood. I don't feel that it is laziness, I haven't worked in over a year,but i do home projects to keep me busy. I know that eventually i will work again. So, I'm confused as to why i don't feel the urge to shower. I feel that if i don't smell, then why bother. My wife puts up with it, but it has hurt our sex life.

Of course she won't have sex due to my problem, but then i'll shower so we can have sex. It's a vicious cylce that starts all over again. I would like some professional advise as to why i'm not concerned about my hygiene.

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Hi Eligas,

I suggest you may wish to talk to your doctor for a professional opinion.

I never have an urge to shower. I just do it as I think I need it. It could be due to the change in your schedules. Possibly showers used to be part of your daily rituals that changed with being unemployed?

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