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I know I am but!


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I know I am bipolar,borderline personality, couple of other things that I can't talk about anyway I think now with whats going on it's not just those please it's called going to be insane & not wanting to come back! Maybe it would be better to walk around in someplace and be in lala land I am sure somebody has been close to it otherwise we would never end up in the hospital I remember in one yr. not to long ago I ended up going in 16 times have not been in in 2 yrs. probably because I can't to much meaning 2 people. I have almost ended in there about 3 months but I begged her not to do it. That's why I have to fake alot with them so I can take care of my mom & daughter. When I ended up there for there that many times I was with my husband so I had somebody to take care of her.

I am supposed to see my psych. April 28th depending on what's happening then but if I don't show up I can't get refills on my meds. So I'm stuck between a big hard rock & stone.

What am I suppose to do? When I say nobody here I'm not kidding at all!

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