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hi guys im new.


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Hello all, i have been lookin at some of the posts and i see that for once in my life there are ppl that can relate to me. I agree with some of you that say we should just hide ourselves in solitude so we dont get ridiculed anymore than we have to, but it's way too depressing.

I used to have a gf for 3 years then she cheated on me (with a black guy, go figure) and this was bout 3 or 4 years ago. Now i cant get into a relationship to save my life due to my insecurities of my " lil guy" not to mention that i also have really small girly arms and feminine boobs( have been hittin the weights for almost a year which has made my self esteem go up a bit, its nice to hear ppl say " hey your getting bigger) but i still get made fun of at work and in public, even few close friends bust my balls sometimes. I have been not going out in public or doing things i used to love to do in fear of being called a transvesdite, gay, or stuff of that sort ( sorry if i offend anyone). But i really wanna get past all this, i cant sit here and let myself rot alone, i really want a significant other in my life, but it seems like all the girls jsut want D-bags with big wangs.

Im not really sure what im asking or posting for, im just trying to maybe vent alil cause i dont feel comfortable talking to my friends or family bout this matter, and cant afford a psychotherapist( even though i really think it would help me accept it)

Just wondering, do you guys have and tricks or tips you use to ake ur bulge look alil bit bigger( not really false advertise like a sock) but like baggy pants, tight pants? The man boob thing doesnt affect me much anymore cuz im in control of that, but hearing baby dick( mines bout 1.5-2" flaccid and 5-5.5" erect but not really girthy) really brings me down and makes me upset with the world. Like to hear from you guys, thanks.

PS i think my testosterone is possibly low because my hands are really small compared to other guys and i seem to have fat distrobution of a girl IE kinda a girly butt/manboobs/ thighs, ppl even say i walk gay or like a girl( which ive been thinkin maybe im gay but then i realize that thats only cuz ive been hearing it from alot of ppl, i love women and never been turned on by the thought of men.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi wolf420,

Welcome to this forum. I'm surprised no one has responded to you as yet?

I understand what you are saying about yourself, but, how do you reconcile what you think about yourself and your size with the fact that your ex girlfriend stayed with you for three years?

What do others think as well as you, wolf.


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hey wolf

i understand how u feel. but u must ask urself, did she cheated on u bc of ur "baby penis"? 5.5 inch is not small. i believe u r average. dont blame ur penis for things that has gone wrong in ur life. ur gf probably cheated on u for other reasons.

btw, i am a chubby asian guy and my penis is much smaller than urs but my gf is still sticking around. i also have a big boob too but it doesnt seem to bother my gf too much. i think girls care less about penis size than the guys.

also, i tried several method to make my bulge bigger... none of them worked and it made me even more depressed. i would recommend u to stay away from brief and wear boxer.

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