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please help...cant understand anything...


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my girl friend have this mental disorder or problem(or she is faking it) can anybody help me figure what it is or is there nothing like it and she is faking??

she goes into some kind of trance or stare into air where she sits like a dead person or a zombie for 15-30 min... she dose not respond to any thing (i dint tried slapping her or throwing water on her) i tried calling her or shaking her...

this happened twice, first time when i confronted her about a big lie she told me.. she dint cry(though she is a cry baby), she just stood there for some time and by the time she came to planet earth i was worried to my death...

and second time, when i broke up with her(though i am still with her) same thing happened...

by nature she is very sweet, cuddly, kind, caring, simple and have brain of a cow( slow and simple )

now i cannot confront her about any thing and to afraid to leave her...

i know she loves me and i know i love her too much to see her like that..

some body help me plz

any suggestion or point to right direction will be helpful


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I'm not certain of what might be happening with your girlfriend, bitts, but it sounds frightening. I would recommend taking her to a doctor to rule out a physical cause. When confronting her about this, express concern for her well-being. It's possible that she may not be aware that this has been happening. Good luck.

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Hi Bitts,

That sound very scary. I can offer not real advice other than what IrmaJean said. Get her to go to a doctor.

Have you spoken to your gf about what happened? Does she have any conditions or other strange behaviors?

IN any case I think it is really important she go to a doctor and talk about this.

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no strange behavior... other than she never gets angry... we have been together for more than 5+ years and i never saw her angry... she cry like every other girl on simple things or when get physically or mentally hurt...

once i politely asked about hers condition and she dint even knew about it... and when i explained her situation to her she said "then all you have to do is not to hurt me and i will be fine and i have complete faith on you that you will never let anything happen to me"...

she refused to go to doctor (she hates doctors an refuses to go to doctor on every problem) and i asked about this to her mother and sister and even they dont know anything...

is there any chance that she is faking it ???

human being can go to any lengths to protect it self and to get what it wants...

i searched on net and found a diagnose which remotely matches the symptoms "catatonic schizophrenia".. but it never goes to that extend to be diagnosed such a big condition...

i am just trying to figure out what to do???

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Well I suggest you tell her you are scared and think it is important she goes and volunteer to go with her. I suggest she is no faking it but it could be defense mechanism. It could be dissociation, but I am no expert at all. I am just a depressed guy.

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