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Remembring/exploring dreams


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Do any of you enjoy "revisiting" dreams? I avoided saying re-living cause i expect that's entirely different. And I say enjoy because I do tend to suddenly remember strings of 3 or 4 dreams from years ago, and have them in my mind as clear as a photo. It's become a bit of a pleasure to just sit and look about, not quite dreaming, yet not struggling to have fun....or maybe that's just taking alone-time a bit too far :(

In the same way that you can "look around" in google street view etc. I think it's the similar in that I'm not really walking about or altering them when I recollect. It's more of a snapshot I can pan around, frozen in my mind or a couple of stills from a movie where things are moving a bit but stuck on a tiny momentary loop, or like looking out a window at scenes taking place. I'm talking about recollecting the places, not so much who was in them.

Right now I'm recollecting one from 4 or so years ago where I'm looking out of my house (on a hill where you can see most of London) at planes flying overhead with lots of radio attachments and ridiculously big antennae all over them, then flying about over London and explosions are going on but they might be fireworks. I don't feel particularly at risk nor do I think they were bombing London, I think one crashed maybe but it's all very beautiful, like a panorama of London's skyline in the distance with crazy planes and fires and aerials and stuff.

That's the other thing, dreams involving familiar places. Do any of you feel they're sort of similar but a little bit more sublime or more interesting than real life? (I guess that's stating the given of it being a dream....) I really want to go back sometimes, my local church had a huge crypt/tunnel with giant propellors under it. And it was just a bit taller and a bit more ruined

Because people seem to talk an awful lot about what *happens* and how scared, aroused or weirded out dreams made them feel, don't they? I'm sick of hearing about hazy dreams, I don't believe people really only have misty, foggy stereotypical dreams, do they? I don't hear people talk about architecture and space in their dreams often, I think the vivid places we create are far more interesting!!

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I 'revisit' my dreams, not because I want to, none of my dreams are 'happy' ones, but because I try to make sense of them...something, until now I haven't been able to do.

I had another of my 'alien invasion' dreams last night, and it was anything but 'misty' or 'foggy'. I woke up scared but glad my dream wasn't real.

A few nights ago I dreamt I had won a place in some competition that Oprah Winfrey was having :confused:. I remember her and Gail, her friend. I was hoping that it might be one of Oprah's big 'giveaways' shows :( but it wasn't... it ended up being a bad dream too (no i-phone or million dollars for me! :)).

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