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A road to nowhere.


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I can't imagine not loving you.

When I look at your face,

Those words form. I love you.

When I see your hand,

I long to hold it.

But it is not to be.

I want to rage at the world.

But it would do nothing.

I want to wake from this nightmare.

I want you to tell me it is all a bad joke.

I want to fix it.

I want to cry out, it isn't fair.

But nothing is fair, the universe doesn't care.

I must dust myself off and move on.

Except the road is gone.

And I must build it anew,

I must cut down the trees,

Level the land.

Carry in the gravel.

but the road has no where to go.

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I like your sad poem :(. But I don't think the road really has no where to go. It fades away in a fog, you can't see now where it ends or even in what direction it's actually orientated, but that's only a part of your grief, not a trait of the road.

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