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This is SERIOUS!


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I have a problem with all my relationships :-( ... except with my parents *thank God for that*

I am a really nice person, try to be understanding, kind and hard working. Everyone who meets me, is impressed with my credentials, work and I'm a multi tasker and excellent in my work. But a max. of 2 years down the line in one job and I cant seem to stick around. The truth is, I am super sensitive and get hurt very easily. It maybe pronounced now after my divorce but in reality I have been a super sensitive person. I cant take anything negative and the world is full of people who want to throw bricks at a person.

Now I'm honestly even scared to join a responsible job position because I feel like I'm going to face adverse situations again and wont be able to handle it.

Plus my social phobia after my divorce are making my job scene worse.

Please guide me why this happens in my case? How do I become emotionally strong and tough to not let anyone's nasty or adverse behavior or comment affect me? Why cant I stick around in a job long enough? My mom tells me I am super sensitive and just learn to let go and not hold on to what anyone says (negative comment). Many times people say things they dont mean so ignore it. But I CANT!!

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Hi SW,

I am sorry this is causing you so much stress. Getting a diagnosis on a web site with very limited information is not a great idea. I really think you need to go to your doctor or therapist.

It is possible that is is a Borderline Personality Disorder, but again far too little information and I am just a computer guy.SOmetimes depression or low self-esteem is all it takes as well.

I am on a slow dial up line and won't be on much but I will check in on Sunday evening.

Please be well.

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We don't diagnose here, SW, but we can offer you support. I think it is helpful to build a strong sense of self. You mention being kind, understanding, hard-working...These are wonderful qualities! I also think what this can entail is knowing from within that the words of others can't change the person you know you are. Self-love. How do you feel about yourself?

Why cant I stick around in a job long enough?
This is a good question. What are your thoughts about this?

I have my moments of being very sensitive as well. I have found that as my self-esteem has increased, I'm not quite as sensitive to criticism as I used to be (still some work to do there, though). Now, even when I do get hurt, I am able to find my way out very quickly.

Take care, SW.

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