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attaching pictures in pm


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I use an account at photobucket.com. You set up an account there, upload your pictures, and then you can copy them to your email and/or pms. Or you can use the paperclip above and attach from your computer. The paperclip icon doesn't seem to be included on pms, though. Maybe you can try photobucket?


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Hi M.,

Different parts of the site accept images in different forms. Most of the differences are based on security concerns: unwanted images are a common and extremely unwelcome form of spam.

So, in some places on the site, you can upload an image and have it stored on the site itself. This happens for avatars, personal albums, and attachments to posts. Private messaging does not allow attachments, probably because we had a rash of spammers PM'ing people images they would rather not see (before my time).

Most places on the site require an internet URL, which is the address of some other website where the image is stored. Unless your computer is set up as an internet server of the image, having it on your hard drive won't make the image visible. Options include image storage sites such as IrmaJean mentioned or free web hosting (Yahoo or Google, for instance).

I hope that helps you choose an option.

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What I did once was put my picture in my profile (you can upload from your computer), then PMed those I wanted to see it, then deleted it after they had seen it. I left it for a few days but you could make that just hours. Or is that still too public?

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