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Scared about being a pervert!


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So, I've been here before. Bascially, I have a foot fetish, and like BDSM. I like being tied up and stuff. Right, I just watched an episode of House, and there was a guy who liked all of this stuff too and he got called a freak! I keep thinking I am one. I keep thinking I'm some fucked up boy. I also keep thinking I am never going to be able to have a relationship, or a normal one at that! What do I do?

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So, um, a TV show about a doctor who himself is at best describable as "unusual" is what you're using to decide which name to call yourself?

People call each other names all the time, but it usually has more to do with their problems than those of the person they target. I usually translate this into the shorter: "People are idjits, at least sometimes". The trick is not to believe them, at those times, but to believe in them the other times. Perhaps it starts with believing in oneself.

There's nothing "wrong" with you, CB, except maybe that you worry too much about what might be wrong with you.

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Thank you for your replies.

Malign: But how am I ever going to have a normal relationship? I don't know anyone else who has a foot fetish, or likes BDSM! What do I do? I do get turned on by normal things, but these things are also here. I've never been in a relationship, never even kissed a boy! :S

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You asked me "how am I ever going to have a normal relationship?" I'm afraid I don't know. I'm not sure if I've had any. First you'd have to define normal ... And then, the few relationships I've had might not qualify, for all I know. {Quite sure I wouldn't care, though.}

Like Kipper, I recommend making friends with people, first. If you find a friend that you care about enough to fall in love with, most likely you'll also figure out how to accommodate each other's differences (they'll have some differences, too; we all do.) And if it doesn't work out with the first one, you'll do what everyone else does: break up, and live until you find someone else to care about.

That's how life goes. If you spend all your time worrying about it before it happens, you end up wasting it.

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OH MY GOD. why are you complaining?! I'm strait and I have so much sexual tension that I swear I will come over and spank you if you don't stop calling yourself a freak. (oh god i'm now going out of my sexuality...)

Ok, so like, srsly diz lolz speaks will telz u, FETISH iz not likin those things, but only likin' those things. if you can only mastrbiat or sex to feet or bdsm, then thatz is fetish, if you canz masterbaits to normal stuff thenz you is fine. and even if uz was fetishist, feetz is the most common and normal one. lotz of foot fetish people.

Also BDSM is not "sick" tv has a bad record of portraying it as evil. Really, it is about CONSENSUAL exchange of power. Being tied up? has more to do with trusting someone really really good to not hurt you and do stuff to you than a weird barzare sex thing. It has to do with emotions. The passive person feels at peace, and worries go away typically as they are, well being passive. "Ill take care of everything" is somewhat like it is in a sense for some people. for the dominant person, it is more about being in control. I have no huge prefernce most of the time for either, and it's not freaky,, and most people are very sane about it and a lot of BDSM couples have healthier relations as part of the lifestyle involves setting out boundries where one can go sexually and not.

It's great that way actually, as two people say "i like this and this in bed, this freaks me out, so we cant do that, oh and when we do stuff outside of bed, i like this and this but not this" it is an agreement where everything is put out before hand.

oh, and if it is just ropes, then that is bondage. your age it is normal to think of this stuff and be turned on by many things.

sorry if i sound weird here, the sexual tension ive had all day is killing me...

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your being a <name-calling deleted>. just cause tehy have a fixation has nothing to do with that, any person could do that with normal sexuality. how do you know they were being sexual? maybe it was your shoes.

anyway, sorry about that

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