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Near-constant realizations/deja-vus

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I'd like to hear what people have to say about these.

I understand Deja-vus to be relatively common in the sense people do have them from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles and what have you. I certainly get them, my brother doesn't even know what they are, but people do get them frequently from what I gather online, right?

I think the phenomenon is fairly self-explanatory, I'll get them for up to 10 seconds, thinking "it's happening it's happening it's happening" till it's over and it's kind of a refreshing feeling though I don't like to imagine what the brain's really up to, freaking out

So I've been having dozens of different experiences on top of these every day..

It's different in that I make be starting to think something along the lines of "I can't believe...." and then somebody around me will shout out "I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!" and once that happens, I have a little sort of reflection of me just thinking it. Now, I'm fully aware how coincidences work...and the infinite amount of possible coincidences that could be happening all around us which we never see. So coincidences are fairly trivial to me, and insignificant but this is like a "wait..." kind of feeling. I can't think straight, I have an essay hand in in less than an hour and I keep feeling like deeply connected with so many fucking sentences I can't really tell what they're supposed to say anymore...

It's normally enjoyable like a deja vu, mildly interesting but I get so many of these fake realizations, like "wow that was cool I just thought it a second before" but my mind is making the connection for me. L

It's like there's some kind of little creature having a party in my brain, memory plugging wires where they shouldn't go!! I only posted this in the psychosis page cause well, I dont' know what I'm supposed to be thinking when my mind is tripping over its feet. Sometimes I over think something enough that it literally flips inside out and upside down and every thought comes a bit too early. That's when I suddenly freeze, aware I'm not making any decisions to move, then I stop moving and have to choose what to do and it all feels so false and I'm just stood there, my controls inverted. I'm completely reinventing my mind, I feel I've lost all that sits beneath it when my mind makes its own stupid decisions for me. This could be a good thing, I'm extremely interested in that but it's a slow process if it is. I'm going to get better help soon but I'm leaving the city to go home in less than a month so will have to sit it out in my own world till then. exams can wait, they already did and I forgot to revise for any. at least I can go home and be safe there.......I want to hear words and experience people the way they are, not the way my imagination thinks might be fun to interpret.. god, when this essay is in I'll be alright and think everything is absolutely perfect and I'm level headed, till this happens again

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I feel like I'm about necromance this thread but it has no replies and I think it deserves one.

Sounds like a form of disassociation maybe derealization. That would put it in the delusional disorders. Disassociation isn't uncommon and it can be found in many psychiatric disorders. Everyone experiences disassociation, it when it start to cause distress that it label abnormal. It's a matter of easing the distress more than eliminating the disassociation. I notice that you mentioned a essay you had do, disassociation is usually your minds way of say "I want to rest." Hopefully everything is back to normal.

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