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I don't know if anybody on here believes in the HOROSCOPES well to be honest I don't but I was reading this past Sundays paper I love to read the Dear Abby & junk like that I sometimes look at the horoscopes and laugh. When I read it, it says LEO[July 23-Aug. 22]

The reason you are dealt so many responsibilitles is that you can handle them. Others have asked more of you over the past six weeks, and you've grown strong in fulfilling

their requests.

Now I have always looked at them and hoping that it will say you are about to when a million dollar lottery [like I'm sure you would like to also] but even though I know it will never happen this was just very weird for me with what is going on

By the way it is in Sundays Paper 4- 24 2011 if you don't believe me

Just strange to me!

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