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tonight, early morning sucked


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I went to my brothers house to drink and listen to music ,and sing. I was told a certain guy was interested, so I made an effrot to look good. Werll this guy comes out to the party with a diferent girl. A scanky one that looks homeless> What a let down! My brother kept saying this guy was in to me and stuff, but then brings this other girl... What a let down. I guess this guy likes skanky women, I know anther one he got together with who was the same way... But my brother told me he liked me. I guss it is better to find out before hand,but what a frealin let down. Guess I am too fat and ugly ? Nah, it is just poor judgement on that guy. The music and beer was good though, no complints there. Just wished it turned out better. It is probably a good thing anyway. Their is a lot going on with me right now , so be it. This did hurt me though emotionally . Men can be such pricks.

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So does this mean you are thinking about a relationship maybe, mscat? How about trying a dating service -- on your terms, and see how you feel about it? Hope you are feeling better today...

Relationships scare me. Always ending up with the wrong man, or come to find out later that the guy is married.. Unfortunately it has happened a few times. So I was actually interested in this guy , my brother told me he was interested in me.. So I tried to get all pretty and stuff, you know all the girl things we do to make ourselves more desireable. It just hurt to finally see him come to the party and hooked up with a really scanky looking girl, her only in her 20's looking like she was in her 50's, I figure out she probably is a druggie. That is honest to god truth. However the same guy hooke up with anther one a while back who was every bit of a scank too. So the guy must have problems choosing decent women . That is not my fault. Oh well, I am ok today. Slept until 2pm. The meds I have to take every night along with the drinking always knocks me off my ass.

I know I should not be even drinking, but I always live on the edge , doing crap like that.

It was just a let down, and hurt my feelings. I do not know what I want , not much into dating or even leaving the house at all. Just to my brothers of Fridays

for some good drinking and loud music and singing our favorite songs.

Oh well I am over it, but that man hangs out with my bro, and lives with him. So if my brother comes over, it better be alone. He usually brings Kevin with him, I have to say no fuckin way! not let him in my door.

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