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My mom wants me to open up to her but...


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I've never talked to anyone about my problems my whole life. I started becoming unhappy as early as 4th grade and just kept everything bottled up and I still do that, even though I know I can't resolve these problems/feelings on my own.

I'm a usually very pessimistic person and therefore not very fun to be around, so I feel like I'm not the daughter she wanted. She invited me to go on a 4 day hiking trip with my 2 brothers next year but I just feel like I don't fit in with my family and they'll complain that I'm not happy which will make me more unhappy. I feel like she's a hypocrite because she wants to be open up but whenever I complain that I don't like something, including things about me, she gets annoyed and angry and tells me she's sick of hearing me say those things, that I don't appreciate how great my life is. How can she expect me to open up when it seems she doesn't want to hear me say anything unless it's what she WANTS to hear. I think I've been this way so long (probably 9 years now) she thinks my unhappiness is just who I am. This makes me want to turn to harder drugs which scares me because I could lose my athletic scholarship to college next year and I'd never be able to face my family again. Can't she see how unhappy I am, can't anyone?

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Hi Buckylover,

I am sorry you feel your family does not understand you and I bet that makes you feel alone. I can see how unhappy you are and I imagine many people here can.

It is not easy to be so misunderstood and it is not easy to find people who will understand you, but this is such a place.

Please talk to us and we will listen.

Please don't turn to harder drugs.

Let us know how you feel.

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