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I have posted before about my relationship problems.

I go from angry and rebellious and thinking and knowing in my heart that I am ok and better on my own. I prove it every day by my job, looking after the children, finances and DIY. Then I have huge moments when I think its all a mistake and I end up feeling guilty and taking the whole blame for our problems on myself. I hate doing this and then text my ex telling him I'm sorry for whatever it is I've done (even though I havent done anything) and also telling him I miss him and dont want us to divorce.

Why cant I just accept and move on from this I am really struggling at the moment and I know that my texts are really not helping me and I just keep doing it and then get the slap in the face texts where he says there was nothing for him and stuff.

I feel really awful right now and dont know what to do. SAD, SAD and more SAD.!!!!!!

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Hi Clover,

I am sorry you feel this way, but I feel your pain as well. I am also caught between wanting to get back with my x-gf who has moved on and moving on myself. I still love her madly, but she has made t clear that she has moved on. I am not convinced it is temporary, but I am talking to others now and it helps. Part of my pain is that I feel I will never find a connection I had with her. Talking to others seems to be helping some.

Please keep expressing how you feel. I found that to be very important as well.


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This has come out of the blue and has been so unexpected. My marriage vows were important to me and I do know that as we grow we change but I'd always thought we were growing separately but willing and able to grow together at the same time. I am told by lovely friends that I am better without someone who appears to care so little for mine and my childrens feelings I just wish I could fast forward the clock a few month and be finished with my dumb feelings. Thank you Waiting it is good to know there are people who are interested. I sincerely hope you are able to have your problems resolved so that you may find happiness and peace.

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Thanks Clover,

I understand your feelings of wanting to move time ahead. I feel the same way. That I could just go to sleep and wake up in a few months.

Your feeling are not dumb. You have been hurt and that is important.

In time we will both be better.

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