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Guest ASchwartz


If that is what you choose then I commend you for that. I am wondering what motivates that choice? Is it religious conviction or that you think its too late in your life?

You ask an excellent question, have others made that choice?


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Not getting an answer to your question really doesn't mean that no one else has ever made the decision you mentioned.

It means that no one has chosen (so far) to answer 'yes'.

It may be that there are others, who simply haven't visited in the past three days.

It may be that they have made that decision, but are embarrassed (or have some other reason not) to say so.

It may be that there have been others here in the past who made that decision, but that they have moved on, for one reason or another. I encourage you to read threads by 'Endure', who had some similar experiences to yours (and some different, obviously.)

This kind of survey suffers from what the statisticians call "sampling bias". The people who actually respond to surveys do so for their own reasons, not necessarily directly related to the survey questions (and others don't respond, because of their reasons.) There's no way you could use the answers, or lack of them, here, to do valid statistics.

So instead, what I wonder is whether you'd like to discuss the decision in more detail. After all, it may not be the only solution to your difficulty, but you don't seem interested in getting any other suggestions.

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I'm not prone to calling people names, though I do suggest that sometimes things work out.

What I'm not getting is a reason, though. All we've done is switch from why you decided not to try, to why you "can never have sex". Which is fine, if that's where it needs to be; presumably, you know why. All I'm saying is that I still don't.

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